Saade 5 – Kristiine Kukk






Recruitment Team Leader at Veriff. Kristiine is reecruiter with a passion for people. It’s her pleasure to find great people to join their growing team in Veriff.


PROFILE – A lot of Estonians haven’t heard about LinkedIn. 03:08

HIRING FROM LINKEDIN – LinkedIn is the main channel for foreign applicants. 04:13

APPLICATION PROCESSING – People don’t understand how small Estonian market is. A lot of foreigners don’t do any research about the company. They just spread their message and are ready to go „anywhere“. Additional questions for applicants. 7:25

GOOD RECRUITER – You need to spend a lot of time understanding the profile you are hiring for. One hour with every hiring manager before opening position. You need to know what you are looking for. 10:00

RECRUITING – Overload of job applications and massively growing companies. Strong proffesionals are getting overwhelmed since there are so many recruiters reaching out. Nowadays it’s more about sourcing and finding passionate candidates. Be more active approaching candidates by yourself first. Stand out and avoid stamp emails. Try to understand what would be their next step in their carieer. Think about the person you are writing to. 12:14

UPDATE YOUR PROFILE – LinkedIn is a lot of money. Some recruiters don’t want to put job adds up. So you need to keep your profile up to date. Otherwise you won’t be on recruiter’s radars. Recruiters search by key-words so pointing out all the necessary keywords is important. 16:00

ADDING PEOPLE – Spend a lot of time to get connections to reach out when its needed. 17:55

IMPORTANT FOR APPLICANTS – Headline must be visible. Pulletpoint list with activities you have done on a certain position. Focus on key-words and „About“section. Point out only the most important. When changing a job, point out the key roles you would be interested in. 19:00


Kui sul on huvi, kuidas LinkedIn enda või oma ettevõtte jaoks tööle panna, siis võta meiega ühendust!