Episode 2 – Mereana Sheehan






Mereana is currently driving global social media efforts for Pipedrive, a sales CRM software company which is based in London.


UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUDIENCE – Understand who you are talking to. Develop your strategy for your communications, for your content. Audience is business professionals. 01:35

CONTENT – If you have service that people want, you just need to figure out the way to communicate and push the message out. Having really strong, solid content is a key. Focus on high quality educational content, where people can learn about the product. 05:25 

STRONG TEAM –  Content team, illustrators, design team, videographer. All of them collaborate on the look and feel. 05:47


◦ Define your audience
◦ Find the problem
◦ Provide the solution / value
◦ Understand the landscape you are operating in
◦ Do your research of top 3 competitors
◦ Start to make a content what speaks with your audience
◦ Visual story-telling dominates: power of show people how do you feel
◦ Make it short, sharp, quality video content (no longer than 30 seconds ideally, depends on footage, even 15 sec is perfect) – professional camera gear
◦ You need to capture people’s attention within 3 seconds!
◦ Call of actions in every end of the video. 07:22

VIDEO POSTING FREQUENCY – 4-6 posts in a month. Depends on what is going on in the company. 11:02 

POSTING FREQUENCY –  Ideally once a day. Ensure that you have something important to say. 12:13 For smaller companies 3-5 posts per week. Define the features and the value that your product has for the market. Break it into the pieces for sharing/defining pillars. 13:34

EMPLOYEES ENGAGEMENT – The members of the company are the embassadors of the brand. Everybody is always sharing, engaging and active in social media. People are positive about company. 19:50

CUSTOMERS AS PROMOTERS – Branded T-shirts, lap-top and camera covers, coffee cups etc.  23:25 

GOOD TIME FOR FOCUSING ON LINKEDIN – Once the business is profitable you can start with couple of hundred dollars per month. Depends on the quality of content. Or it should be walking hand in hand together – platform should be born the day that business is created. 25:08


Kui sul on huvi, kuidas LinkedIn enda või oma ettevõtte jaoks tööle panna, siis võta meiega ühendust!